A Christian recovery and counseling ministry for sexual brokenness.

Journey to Recovery

Christian Men's Sex Addiction Therapy Group


When: Wednesday Evenings (6:00pm to 7:45pm) Next group starts January 2017

Where: 11417 124th Ave NE, Suite 205, Kirkland, WA 98033

Cost: $50 per week, minimum commitment 12 weeks, "Facing the Shadow" workbook ($22), "Answers in the Heart" daily meditations ($12).

Contact: If you are interested in more information about this group, please contact Steve Dulaney, MA, LMHC, CSAT at (425) 419-6016 or click the button below: 


Is your secret life spinning out of control? As a Christian man, do you feel shame, guilt and despair, trying desperately to stop your out of control sexual behavior? Do you struggle with Internet pornography, masturbation, affairs and other problematic sexual behaviors? Our established Christian sex addiction recovery program offers a safe place where men can experience hope and healing.

Group therapy provides a comprehensive approach to sexual addiction recovery that can accelerate as well as supplement individual counseling and church-based support groups. Our Christian counselor offers both a clinical and spiritual perspective to help you manage your compulsive behavior and start the journey toward a new life.

How is it different? Unlike a traditional 12-Step recovery program or other faith-based programs, a therapist-led group combines spiritual AND clinical aspects of recovery. Clinical aspects include learning emotional awareness to identify when anxiety, anger, fear and uncertainty are present and contribute to unwanted behaviors. We discuss how overcoming co-dependency and understanding its impact on healthy relationships. Together we will face the shame which hinders intimacy by building trust with others and relationship with God.


This program will emphasize spiritual growth and provide a powerful set of resources to help individuals manage and cope with their addictive behaviors.


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Program Highlights:

Based on Patrick Carnes sex addiction recovery model using a Christian emphasis.

Understanding the role of faith in supporting recovery.

Experiencing grace, forgiveness, and spiritual renewal.

Developing intimacy with your spouse through a partner reconciliation process.

Strengthening relationship and accountability with God.

Sex addiction assessment required - minimum one individual session in advance.

Limited to eight individuals per group.


Our Christian sex addiction therapy groups are led by Steve Dulaney M.A., LMHC, CSAT, a Christian therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) with clinical training in the treatment of sex addiction. Anonymity and confidentiality are required of each individual who enters our program. Individuals in group therapy are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before starting group.